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What if we were to take a moment and step back and imagine that America - the America of dreams, where a place of advanced citizens and in truth we are the real end game of the future of this planet.  What if we truly understood the word Freedom and all it could offer each individual. Where our forefathers had forged an Idea and if followed with true integrity to meet the needs of a world that wished to thrive and prosper it would change the face of the earth for all, but would first need to prove itself here and now, in this America. Would you dare to challenge with me this idea?

STEVEN • GILBERT • MORRIS productions focusing on our roster of scripts and stories  -  For we are creatures that learn through experience and stories of our adventures, dreams and failures in the half dark of a theater or at our home in our entertainment centers.  Here we will give you a sneek pre-view of our efforts and task we set, to challenge our imagination, and the world at large.  

Where ever there is pain to any one of us we are all in pain. NEW HAVEN is a place where we can safely re-define the community and its purpose to all its individuals.  The Current state of the Homeless is a perfect example where this community and all across the United States and around the world we have all failed.  We have the technology we have the skill-set we have the man power - what we lack is the the guiding principle - I am seeking New Architects to re-define this community and these Men and Woman will come from all sectors, we are after all the Community are we not?