From a host of projects, recently as Site Manger for a SyFy project Aired - April

2014 “Foxy & Company” working with Eric Westmore and having worked with

People Magazine on special assignment and the pleasure of working with the

likes of such notable Celebrities as Charlton Heston, Elizabeth Taylor and Dom

Deluise.  To add to the list of achievments he has 30+ international magazines

covers, and a series of 12 How to Books.  

Mr. Prado, also played a key role as Lighting Designer for books on Celebrities

under Robin Leach (Life Style of the Rich and Famous series) this grand

opportunity has given Mario a solid foundation in the day to day of image

making in Hollywood.  Mario has covered special events for the G2 Gallery as

well as being a key photographer for Celebrities on the Red Carpet at the



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