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• Midnight Granny

On a dare, a young boy of 8 faces his greatest fear and discovers a perspective that changed his life forever and he builds an empire from that experience.

• A Future Legend

Casandra Chueng loves her grandfather but does not wish to follow in his footsteps, that of a Tai Chi master instead wishes to become a female astronaut, this breaks her grandfather's heart and a rift is created between them. As she follows her dream and in near-tragic event brings both, Grandfather and GrandDaughter together with an outcome that neither of them could have ever expected.

• Dance Alley

A dance instructor re-introduces a young girl of the power of the self, through dance and gives her the foundation to stand and see not only herself but all of us as we all seek our own dance in our own worlds.

• The Box

An old retired welder Rocco manages a slumlords apartment building and stays rent-free in exchange for his service to repair and maintain the building as best as he could - one of his new tenants is a self-proclaimed Goth, Dax. From the first moment they set eyes on each other they both knew that they were very very different on all levels. They both grew to tolerate each other and their differences. Well, one day our young Goth attended a concert out of town and on his return finds that the old man has died and left him a note, written in the hand of one who had only a 4th-grade education, a gift, not to settle their differences but rather the need for them.

• The Last Samurai

It was the end of the Samurai and the Bushido code of conduct, and one of the last Samurai realizing this, and could not let go. The world as he knew it was changing right before his very eyes.  So he set out on a quest to challenge the then greatest Samurai known in Japan and when he did find him, what happened between them is the next step of all Samurai.


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