We are seeking true game changers, New Architects if you will, that have a vision of the future of this city and others like it, the project is called “NewHaven” its focusing is to change the course of this segment of our society and redefine the definition of the community.  Not in your typical fashion, not like the current system which has been used over and over and over again, with no real measurable result in reversing this growing trend in homelessness and low income residents in Los Angeles rather, it has been just the opposite.

I am looking for those who are willing to create from the bottom up, a new definition of what a community is, that is, one of true service. What the current process has done, sadly, has created a class in our society that are nothing but a burden to themselves and have become so dependent on the current system that there is no end in sight for them or even us as working citizens in this city. The system has created a dangerous situation where we, or those who have studied this phenomenon, cannot define who we can adequately serve in this growing social group. 

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And let me remind you that our society has a direct hand in the continuation of these conditions!

So the comment here is:

“If you are not part of the solution then

YOU are in fact part of the problem.”