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"PROJECT TLC UNLEASHED” is an emotionally charged,  suspenseful educational, action packed short(s) that delves deep into the harrowing, often hidden layers of real-life tragedies stemming from domestic violence, abuse, neglect and trauma.

Written by survivor Traci Lynn Cowan, this compelling narrative is based on true life events, chronicling a lifetime of abuse and neglect that ultimately leads to a remarkable and profound journey of transformation and self love. Guiding us on a journey of healing.  trauma is not merely stored deep in our memories. it is etched into our bodies,  and embedded in our tissues.


"PROJECT TLC UNLEASHED” is a powerful, heart-wrenching

exploration of the dark, hidden corners of domestic violence, abuse and trauma. This survivor's real-life experiences form the basis of this educational short. She aims to expose the disturbing and tragic outcomes of these serious issues. It is a story of immense courage, life-saving skills and healthy solutions for those who find themselves trapped in the most horrendous of situations.

This story stands as a beacon of hope and empowerment, not only for victims, as well as survivors.  It vividly illustrates that domestic violence affects not only those directly targeted. it also impacts everyone who is connected to the victims.  We are here to inform and educate the world. So, they can also declare that they  too are “SURVIVORS"!

"PROJECT TLC UNLEASHED” serves as a channel to teach victims how to unleash their survival instincts within themselves. Transforming into ultimate survival warriors who can defy all odds.

Together, we can save lives by raising awareness and providing essential knowledge to help others. Recovering, adapting and learning new skills of how to become our own HERO!

This short film is dedicated to all those who have suffered from this devastating and tragic abuse. In memory of those who lost their lives due to this senseless act.  This crisis Not only  affects women. it also affects children and men.

"PROJECT TLC UNLEASHED” is more than just a film...it is a powerful message of resilience, hope and undeniable transformation. It serves as a tribute to survivors.  A lifeline for those currently struggling and a call to action for society to unite against domestic violence. This gripping narrative presents the potential to evolve into a thought-provoking TV & Internet series and book.continuing the mission of awareness and empowerment. A Tribute to My Hero…My Mom Wendy Lou Spooner. You were a True Female Warrior. You did your Best in a Life time full of Abuse. Rest in  Peace Mamma Bear. You are Safe now.

Thank you for being a part of our

Life changing transformation!


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